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Apple Cider & Avocado Oil Salad Dressing

Don't let the name draw you away. This salad dressing is amazing! It has the perfect blend of sweet and healthy mix, that will wow your family.

This easy to make from scratch salad dressing is a great compliment to your salad. It is sure to inspire you to become creative in the kitchen and share with others. After trying this, you may never want to try a traditional salad dressing again. Be sure to let us know how you like it.

All of these ingredients may be purchased from your neighborhood supermarket.


1/4 cup - Avocado Oil

1/3 cup - Apple Cider Vinegar

1/2 cup - Sugar (Honey or Splenda may be substituted)

1 tsp - Salt

2 tbsp. - Yellow Mustard


  1. Mix all ingredients in the order listed above.

  2. Stir generously to consistently mix the items.

  3. Pour dressing over the salad and mix with tongs.

  4. Save any leftover dressing mix in the refrigerator for later use.


Recipe is courtesy of Samantha H.

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