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Gifting Mom with a Vacation for Mother's Day

May 9, 2021 is Mother’s Day, and what better way to say happy Mother’s Day than with a surprise vacation for your mother.

Mothers are the backbone of the family, so most never get a holiday to call their own. Sure, there are family vacations, but face it, mothers do not get a break on vacations with the family.

On a family vacation, moms have to wake everyone up, get them to dress, feed them, coordinate activities for the day, and make sure that everyone has everything they need. So, needless to say, “mom” deserves a vacation where they can relax, reflect, rejuvenate, and reset.

Choosing a vacation for your mom can be stressful and painstaking because you want it to perfect. When you are researching a vacation destination for your mom, there are a few things to consider.

Does your mother have a passport? What does your mother like to do?

Does your mother like to fly?

Can she get time off from work?

And the biggest question, will she even go?

Here are a few vacation ideas that your mother might enjoy.

Staycation - Find a local, upscale hotel and treat your mother to a weekend getaway with

the works. Ensure the hotel offers amenities such as a spa, on-site restaurants, a lovely pool area, room service, a beauty salon, and even stores for shopping.

Bed and Breakfast - Another quick getaway that is intimate and cost-effective. Most bed and breakfast homes offer a down-home feel and provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Las Vegas - Even if your mother is not a gambler, Vegas is a great location to visit. There are so many attractions besides the casinos that your mother will lose track of time.

Destin, Florida - If your mother is like me, I love the beach. Just sitting on the beach, sipping on a drink, and soaking up the sun will excite her.

Girls Weekend - Rent your mother a vacation home or Airbnb, tell her to invite her closet girlfriends, and leave them be. To step it up, hire a chef to prepare their meals for the weekend. Remember, the whole point is to make her feel special.

Road Trip - Pack a bag and take her on a road trip in your home state. Stop at famous spots, eat at local establishments, and shop at small-town stores.

New York - Even amid the pandemic, New York is still an excellent getaway for your mother. As everything begins to open back up, she can take in a Broadway play, visit the Statue of Liberty, go to Coney Island, grab a meal a Sylvia’s in Harlem, or do a little retail therapy.

Washington D.C. - If your mother is a history buff, this is the perfect vacation for her. A visit to the White House, the museums, Arlington National Cemetery, and all the monuments will keep her busy. Just remember that some of these locations require reservations. You must request a visit to the White House six months in advance or contact your local government representative for tour tickets.

San Francisco - From the Golden Gate Bridge to Chinatown to the Bay, your mother will have a fabulous time in “San Fran,” as they call it. She can even rent a car and drive a few hours to the wineries.

Cancun - Depending on vacation time, a passport, and a budget, Cancun is the ultimate

vacay getaway for your mother. Five-star resort, pristine beaches, exquisite dining, and relaxation all wrapped up in one.

Cruise - As cruising slowly starts to return, a 4-day cruise is another vacation idea for your mother. A cruise will offer her everything for a low cost. Whether she opts to sit on the deck and suntan, go to bingo, sit at the bar, and drink tequila, or sit on the balcony of her cabinet, a cruise will be a sure winner.

Home - If budget, time, or any unforeseen circumstance prevents any of the above-

mentioned, a weekend at home will suffice for some mothers. Make plans for the kids to stay somewhere, cook her dinner, clean up the house, fix her bathwater, buy some excellent wine, give her some money, set up something nice in the bedroom or backyard, and let her know that she is special.

Regardless of what type of vacation or getaway you plan for your mother, make sure that she knows it is all about her!

Contributing Writer: Wynona Chevalier, "The Travel Beauty"

Images by Getty Images

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