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Meet Phyllis Ewing - Author & Domestic Violence Advocate

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Inspiring Authors

Phyllis Proctor-Ewing, author of Looking Inside Myself and Surviving, "Deliverance from

Pain and Embracing Your Purpose".

This book is a personal memoir of becoming a survivor and rescuing herself from the ugly scars of Domestic and Sexual Abuse that sent her on a whirlwind to self-discovery. Phyllis connects with her audience by taking them on a journey of Love, Hope, Faith and Healing.

“It wasn't easy, but my freedom was worth fighting for because I am Beautiful, I am Bold, I am worth it, I am Me ....I am a Survivor” says Phyllis.

As a Domestic Violence survivor, Phyllis was inspired to launch a non-profit, InFinitye UNited in February 2020. InFinitye UNited is designed to provide educational and emotional support to others in a time of Crisis and child bullying.

What was your inspiration behind your book?

I felt that I needed to tell my story and my struggles of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse by surviving and overcoming it with a brand new look on life and being confident in myself.

What motivates you to keep going?

What keeps me going is the courage and motivation that I now have to educate, inspire, embrace and empower others who have been through struggles of abuse on all levels and that they too can unveil their very own “Purple Effect”, which simply means that they too can rise above everything in their past of what once was on to a brand new silhouette of who they are today. Be bold, be powerful, and just be you!

Looking Inside Myself and Surviving can be purchased at


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