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Stepping Up: Man-to-Man

Protective, strong, dependable, hard-working, provider, laid-back, and tough are just a few words that may be used today to describe men. And although true in most cases, those words are also often what men allow you to see of them. Often times there is a deeper level to men that they don't always show. The side that reflects how hard life may be for them. To the men who may come across this, know that you're not alone.

Yes, there are so many who look to us to lead them and provide for them. Then there are those who look to us to be the answer to the problems of life that may come daily. With those pressures on our shoulders, as men, sometimes we sit back and ponder:

When our break will come? That break that allows us to sit back, take it all in and breathe.

But I've come to the realization, that as men, until that time comes, we must continuously step up and be who WE were created to be. We often listen to women talk about who they were created to be, but as men, we were also created to be great, to inspire, to build, and to be a foundation for others.

We, too, are needed daily. Our wives are depending upon us. Our sons and daughters are depending on us. The next generation of men are depending on us. We are a crucial part of the world and it needs us.

I am often asked the question "Why is it so important for us to Step up as Men, when the world around us don't always respect us as men?" My answer is usually very simple. It's because someone is depending on us to be the change makers. At some point during your life, someone stepped up for you; whether it was your dad, a coach, a pastor, or a leader in the community; that person stood in the gap and made sacrifices that potentially saved an entire generation, including you.

Some man stood strong against the odds and ultimately became an example that we needed to see. Showing us that if they can do it, then so can we. Now is not the time to fall short, yet it is the perfect time for us to be the same, if not better, example that someone was for us.

Regardless of your age, you can start now by teaching our sons, mentees, neighbors, and friends how to be a men, showing them what true manhood is about. If you're not sure what to do or where to start, start here: sons, mentees, neighbors, and friends:

  • Teach them how to be a gentleman who holds the door open for others. Who stands up when a woman leaves or joins the table. Who walks on the outside of the sidewalk or street, allowing the woman to be protected on the inside. To go get the car when it's raining for her. To offer her your hand to help her. And to compliment others regularly.

  • Teach them how to talk and walk respectfully, putting pride aside. Being understanding when someone says no, and learn from it so that you may come back even better than before.

  • Teach them how to dress appropriately. Always owning a suit and being mindful of the atmosphere around you. This is very important because there are so many people in the world watching you.

  • Teach them how to take responsibility for their actions, choices, and values; while admitting with grace, when they've done something wrong. Yes, grace. The very thing that God gives us daily.

  • Teach them how to give without requiring something in return.

And not just our sons, but our daughters too. To a father, our daughters are our pride and joy. We would do almost anything in the world for them, and we want the best for them. Since we want the best for them, then we must show them things from a real man's perspective. Teach our daughters how to respectfully dress and date by being their first date. They will learn how to respect themselves and the people they associate with, if they've practiced and seen first hand how a woman should be respected and treated.

During this process, people will probably say that we are lame, but our children will remember those lessons for a lifetime, and possibly pass them on for generations to come.

And most importantly, teach them life. Show them how they should be respected and how to respect themselves, by treating them with respect and allowing them to see you openly respect others.

Not only as a father, can we step up, but as a husband it is our duty to be the man. Be the best husband to your wives. That is what God has called us to be.

  • Take the stress out of her life

  • Support and encourage her daily

  • Date her like the every date is your first date

  • Remind her that she’s beautiful

  • Openly show her love

  • Comfort her when she needs it and in those times when she doesn't ask for it

We as men have a job to do, but if done right, then it is totally worth it! To see the smile on your baby girls face when you show up to an event; to see that young man grow into a man and enter into the world prepared for life; and to see your wife smile every time you walk thru the door is an amazing feeling.

When we step up from a boy to a man, that is when life truly starts and you become a real G.

Let’s Step Up.............. Starting Today. You Got This.

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