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Creating Priceless Moments in the Kitchen

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

We spoke with Tina and her five year old daughter Haley about what makes their relationship so special. They shared with us that some of their favorite moments are created in the kitchen.

From the moment she could walk, Haley has been in the kitchen with her mother laughing, baking, and creating exciting memories that will last a lifetime. Tina said that it was important that she create these enjoyable moments with her daughter, while teaching her to work her way around the kitchen at the same time. Even when they make a huge mess, they even have fun cleaning up after themselves. She hopes that Haley will someday do the same with her own children.

Tina said that putting everything else aside and spending time her daughter is one of the best things that she could have started doing. It increases their bond and is also a constant reminder that our children need us to help teach them about life, laughter and the true meaning of love. Thank you Tina for sharing your inspired family moments with us!

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