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The Travel Beauty's Top Picks for Couples Vacations

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Whether cuddling in a mountain vista, sitting in front of a cozy fireplace drinking spiked coco, or engaging in wintertime activities like snowboarding and skiing, a winter getaway with your significant other is perfect.

For those who prefer a warm, sunny getaway, stretching out on the beach is a good idea too.

Here are my top cool and warm winter destination getaways for couples. Tap on each link and let us know which inspiring destination you love.

Snowy Winter Destinations:

  1. Truckee, California

  2. Aspen, Colorado

  3. Vancouver, Canada

  4. Bozeman, Montana

  5. Sandpoint, Idaho

  6. Poconos, Pennsylvania

Warm Winter Destinations:

  1. Dominican Republic

  2. St. Lucia

  3. Hawaii

  4. Costa Rica


For more information on destination travel for couples, family, girls trips or guys trip follow the author.

Blog writer: Wynona Chevalier, aka The Travel Beauty

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